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NK Tech is a digital publishing investment firm.

Modern Audiences

Our properties are designed to be mobile-first destinations to better serve more technologically savvy audiences on their mobile devices.

Data Driven

We work with a diverse range of independent research firms as well as running our own survey and data collection to uncover new trends. 

Solution Focused

Our properties focus on providing actionable solutions that have real-world impact on our readers lives. Improving lives is our #1 goal.

We represent the next generation of help-focused publishing

Publications and destinations designed to solve specific human problems.

Our Brands

NK Tech invests in digital-first publishing brands.

ADD Hero

ADD Hero provides research and tips to aspiring entrepreneurs with ADHD. Learn how to leverage ADHD to drive CRAZY productivity. 

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In Between The Lines

In Between The Lines provides strategies, counseling, and resources for building more successful relationships.

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Traffic Think Tank

Traffic Think Tank is the #1 Slack Community for expert-level SEO support, resources, and real world strategies for ranking.

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Semantic is a set of keyword intelligence tools to up your SEO game. Click the button below to check out our newest free tool.

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Changing How Information is Delivered.

The information economy has fundamentally changed. Information must be accurate, available, and accessible at all times in all places. We embrace this dynamic ecosystem and build publications designed to thrive.


We partner with leading 3rd party survey companies to conduct our own independent research.


Our staff of writers and editors combine years of specialized industry knowledge.


Our audience tends to be more technically savvy, and willing to invest in real solutions


We utilize all digital distribution channels to maximize the reach of our publication’s content.

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Our Management Team

Kelley Dougherty

Co-Founder &
Managing Director

Nick Eubanks

Co-Founder &
Executive Director

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